“Once we rode on Waves of Freedom,
seeking our sense of self and place in the world,
and we found it – in the water.”

This International Women’s Day, Waves of Freedom becomes Like Water. As a first step we celebrate our watery origins – the womb from which we were all birthed nameless into the world – with our first photo series, ‘Shaped by the Unseen.’ This is a celebration of the beauty of our differences (see below).

Like Water is a social change initiative. We seek to foster positive relationships with water and the sea through immersive learning experiences and visual, creative storytelling. Like Water explores innovative ways to reconnect with who we are, our environment and each other, through water. We believe water is a powerful catalyst for personal and social transformation. We are embarking on an adventure into new and uncharted waters while honouring where we’ve come from – this journey was first inspired with women in Iran using surfing as a creative medium to express ourselves more freely. We’re taking lessons learned and seeing how they might apply more universally from beaches to boardrooms, to classrooms and wild places. Learn how to be like water. We all have salt-water in our blood.

Stay tuned for our Official Launch on World Ocean’s Day, 8th June 2017.

International Women’s Day Campaign

In collaboration with Like Water, this unique photo series by Jelle Mul of women without a face challenges us to see beyond stereotypes. ‘Shaped by the Unseen’ is a campaign that asks us to shift our perspective and see beneath the skin. It seeks to ignite our curiosity and imagination, to wonder at the mystery of life, to explore what is beyond the illusion and discover the unseen reality of who we truly are. To simply be, without judgement. To celebrate our beauty within.

We celebrate what is invisible to the eye, those hidden corners of who we are….ready to break free.

We join the call this IWD to be bold for change, be bold like water.

Stay tuned for the big launch June 8th 2017

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