What we do…

We’re curious about how being immersed in open water, or outdoor ‘blue spaces’, especially the sea, can create a greater sense of connection, enhance our sense of wellness, boost our health and teach us empathy for each other and our environment. We design and deliver immersive nature-based experiences in self-discovery, personal transformation, creative processes, leadership and team building for diverse groups and needs. Tailored and curated small group, half day, full day, 3 day retreats & workshops, extended adventure experiences with guided and self-guided elements. And we’re always looking for others who share our passion to collaborate with!

Women’s Creative Storytelling Workshops, April 2018

Give expression to who you are – freely and truly without expectations.

Born from a desire to give voice to the hidden parts of who we are and celebrate each others stories.

We will work with a creative and visual process of authentic exploration and expression using mixed-mediums (drawing on my own experiences with working through fear, ideas and creative blocks).

The format is non-digital, but provides tools and processes that could be translated into digital form. In essence, “how to find your story before you even start making it / telling it.”

This workshop provides a safe and trusting space that gives us permission to step out of the box and find strength in our vulnerability. It’s about how we might challenge some of the stories we live on a daily basis that we fail to question.

New dates, April 2018 TBA.  Click the link below to learn more about last year’s workshop in Sligo. 

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Move Like Water, June 2018

I’m not an island, I’m a body of water. – Bedouine

A creative retreat to deepen our body, mind, nature connection held on the North West coast of Ireland in the summer of 2018.

A gathering of incredible women who are making waves in the world in their unique way.

We are offering a facilitated, embodied experience, where water is an active metaphor, learning medium and inspiration that awakens our connection to both our inner and outer waterscapes. Let us deepen our process of connection and capacity to heal and be healed by our watery environments.

June 8th-10th, North West Ireland.

  • Re-align and re-awaken your senses in your moment to moment actions.


  • Move more fluidly through resistance, and learn to find our flow, especially in the face of challenge.


  • Discover how to tap into the power water plays in reflective processes, creative breakthroughs and way-finding.


  • Feel deeply supported by your body, by water and each other – create and nurture a network of wave-making women, or ‘women who run with the waves’!

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Be Like Water – Coming Soon



Be Like Water (BLW) is our flagship experience.

BLW celebrates our watery evolution, recognising that our bodies and our planet are mostly water. It aims to tap into the more playful, creative and therapeutic qualities of the water, especially the sea. With a focus on body-breath-water connection that has helped young women overcome fear, build trust, self-confidence and a greater ocean awareness from the desert coast of Iran to the col water of Ireland and beyond.

In the words of Shirin Gerami:

‘Surfing can showcase the beauty of in our differences by allowing us to be truly who we are when we surrender to the playfulness of waves and wave-riding.’

Using water (sweet and salty!) as an immersive, sensory learning experience to get out of your mind and into your body. Learn exercises for connecting to body-breath-water to bring profound shifts in the way we think, listen and feel in our lives.

Learn to challenge your comfort zone, meet resistance with flow, trust the process, with ‘nature-in-mind’.

BLW typically is run as a 3-day workshop but can be broken down into shorter 1-2 day facilitated workshops:

  1. Still Water – session in calm water (e.g. freshwater pool, lake)
  2. Wave-play – body-surf session and introduction to waves
  3. Wave-riding – surf session

(First developed in Persia by Irish surfer Easkey Britton and Iranian triathlete Shirin Gerami as a cross-cultural medium to facilitate change and transformation with vulnerable groups, with elements adapted from free-diving, mindfulness mediation, body-surfing and surfing).

What participants say:

“I notice I feel lighter and calmer.”  – Marieh

“It’s easier when I relax my body, I feel more relaxed.”  – Fereshteh

Being immersed in an unpredictable, fluid environment can allow us to find our own sense of aliveness;

“I feel like I am flying — out there on the water you don’t think about any of your problems.” – Kimieh

Wavemaker Collective, May 2018

A global gathering of 16 leaders, founders, wave-makers and seekers from around the world.


We’re really curious about what it takes to make waves, what it means to be a good leader and how to do good better. We love to explore how we might build a global community of exceptional, passionate wave-makers who inspire and empower each other to create a more beautiful world.

Using surfing as an immersive and experiential journey, we explore how to make waves of change at the World Surfing Reserve in Ericeira, Portugal in May 2018.

Join us for 5 days and 4 nights by the sea, on a thoughtfully curated, peer-driven learning journey with a diverse mix of individuals from business, public and social worlds who share our values for social good.

The greatest surprise to me was how others are going through similar challenges and it is ok to ask for help. The connections and friendships are the best outcome. Life long friends were made that week. Can’t wait to do it again…
– Nick Hounsfield, founder of The Wave